A new way to shop for the products you love. ShopThing brings the personal shopper experience to your mobile device via influencer-based shopping.
Product: iOS App
Service: Strategy & Design
Follow along with videos posted by your favourite influencer, as they shop exclusive sales and the latest styles. All are available for purchase via the mobile app and website. After the release of it’s MVP1 beta, the Shopthing team raised a $10Mil funding round.

Unique shopping experience

Creating a first-of-its-kind product is as challenging as it is exciting. Our first step was creating our overarching experience strategy. Through our research and initial testing, we realized that although the products themselves will keep users engaged, the best value of the influencers will be their built-in audience. By finding ways to highlight who they are and giving them a platform to do what they do best, we can help migrate over their follower base vs. asking them to create a new one.

Shop live with Shopthing

As the shoppers find deals/products, new videos come into the feed for customers to purchase. They then have a few hours to purchase before the shopper leaves the location.

Along with purchasing, customers can interact with shoppers via in-app chat and interactive messages, all in a group setting.