A complete overhaul of the existing SENTÉ brand, our work included an update on brand position, visual language as well as a redesign & build of sentelabs.com. With this redesign, we led 5 major product launches across all digital & traditional channels.
Product: Responsive Web & App
Service: Strategy & Design
Our first product launches were a huge success, with products selling out of inventory for the first time in the company’s history.

Understanding the clinical beauty space

Our first step was to not only understand the SENTÉ customer, but discover who SENTÉ is as a company. By bringing the SENTÉ core values together with the customer’s need for their products, we created a brand overhaul that would resonate with both.

User validated concepting

All key messaging and creative designed with SENTÉ was fully tested with their customers, to ensure it not only resonated, but had the potential to make a difference.  To us, this was vital to the success we’ve achieved together. By putting the work through almost as much testing as the products themselves, we gained the insights needed to tell the SENTÉ story.