A relaunch of the Pizza 73 ordering app and site, the ask was bring the successful design platform the team created for Pizza Pizza to their west coast operation.
Product: Responsive Web & App
Service: Strategy & Design
In partnership with Pizza Pizza, we first needed to understand the unique menu and specials system of P73 in order to adapt the Pizza Pizza design system for the west coast. The brand had a long history of amazing specials, customers loved and knew well, so the team wanted to ensure the new design would be able to help customers get food on the their table even more efficiently.

Mobile optimization

We used the opportunity of a redesign, to improve on the Pizza Pizza design but focusing on the mobile web experience, something that for Pizza 73 represented a huge segment of their online orders. We looked for every opportunity we could to condense or streamline the experience for mobile web.

Creating the new and improved everyday deal

One of the biggest challenges of incorporating the new design was translating the complex business rules of the everyday deal. A specialized pizza deal Pizza 73 is famous for, that allows multiple configurations of products and toppings in order to receive a deal price. The team created 2 usage hypothisis and prototypes to test our concepts head to head to ensure customers would be able to fly through the ordering process.